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Welcome to ArkSmart

We create, design and install automation systems. Our main goal is to develop intelligent, modular and scalable solutions to each client, and offer a tailored and adjusted service to their needs.

We occupy a new space in the market, we are among the manufacturers and their distributors and installers. We always want to add value and offer our experience to all our customers.

  • Safety and Control

    The Preventive Security allows us to monitor the whole house or building, manage properly the information provided by all the sensors and to know the state of the entire installation.

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  • Energy Savings

    With limited energy resources, and increasingly expensive, an automated control is essential to ensure minimal energy consumption while maintaining the required levels of comfort.

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  • Communication

    It is necessary to establish a correct form of communication between people and homes. The bidirectionality is one of the main features and innovative concepts of a home automation.

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